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Future Careers Awareness Workshop - Galle

Future Careers initiative of SLASSCOM organized an awareness workshop for students from Southern Province about the career opportunities available in IT/BPM industry. This event was held on 4th of July 2014 at Mahinda College - Galle. Students participated in a session and also group career counseling which were conducted by industry experts. The workshop attracted over 1700 students and held in Sinhala and English languages. In addition to that there were parallel sessions for IT and Commerce stream students.

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CXO Breakfast meetup: notes on diversity and gender equality in the industry

SLASSCOM’s latest CXO Breakfast meetup, held on the 27th of May, 2014, focused on a topic that’s rapidly rearing its head in Sri Lanka’s IT industry: diversity and inclusiveness in the workforce. A Breakfast meetup, as per the norm, features a specialist on a particular theme and then a panel discussion: the idea is to bring to light and explore issues and trending concepts in the industry. Diversity, which is a particularly thorny topic in Sri Lanka, was discussed by Dr Astrid S. Tuminez and a largely female panel from different aspects of the industry.

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"Organized Crime on the Internet: Cyber Threats & Proactive Defense"

The CXO briefing is – or should we say, was – an awareness program. SLASSCOM represents a large number of companies, most of whom are top-dollar providers of software and services to both local and international clients. The purpose of the meet up was to educate the upper management of these companies on the cyber security threats that they could be facing. Specifically, organized cyber-crime. Of course, it’s as much a Microsoft event as anything: Windows is hands-down the most widely used computing platform in Sri Lanka and any serious discussion on office either starts or ends there.

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